all i wanted (2015)

by ghetto girl

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ghetto girl celebrates Independence Day 2014 by releasing a new song, NOT produced by Chris Matthews. She's returned to her pre-Matthewsian guerrilla production techniques, starting with a stereo mix of a song she originally recorded in 1988 on 4-track cassette, adding some new production w/ Acid™ and reinforcing the vocals w/ a microphone she bought at the 99 Cent Store (for 99 cents!) that has a mini-plug! It's sort of a spooky/funky hybrid, but the lyrics are minimal and family friendly in case ghetto girl has previously offended your sensibilities. It sounds best w/ earpods!

a ghetto guerrilla production


all i wanted was to love you
i only wanted to love you


released May 2, 2015
jeff: casio cz101, radio shack reverb box, peruvian flute, vocals, acid programming, recording, production




ghetto girl San Francisco, California

Music for Stoned Queers since 1984

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